Houston by Night

A diplomatic meeting is made between the Camarilla of Houston and the Sabbatt of Galveston. While dealings were happening with the 2 “diplomats” from Galveston there were rumors that they were not here to make passes at diplomacy but were looking for someone who had run away from the Sabbatt. The Tzimice diplomat that spoke with Simon neither confirmed or denied these rumors, and also made passes at a collaboration with their methods of artistic expression. Martin received message from the individual responsible for the kidnaping of his ghoul after she was located in an abandoned warehouse a meeting was made. Whilst the kidnapper was not present the daughter of officer Hitchkins, Jessica, was there to receive them along with a burner phone. The individual described that she wanted to bury the hatchet and that her organization had no further ties with the “Bahari” cult and had no designs against the camarilla or its leadership even if the leaders would most likely not see it that way. After the call ended Simon asked to have Jessica released to his custody for a time until he could get her settled elsewhere, this was allowed.


nolanmiddaugh nolanmiddaugh

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