Houston by Night


A diplomatic meeting is made between the Camarilla of Houston and the Sabbatt of Galveston. While dealings were happening with the 2 “diplomats” from Galveston there were rumors that they were not here to make passes at diplomacy but were looking for someone who had run away from the Sabbatt. The Tzimice diplomat that spoke with Simon neither confirmed or denied these rumors, and also made passes at a collaboration with their methods of artistic expression. Martin received message from the individual responsible for the kidnaping of his ghoul after she was located in an abandoned warehouse a meeting was made. Whilst the kidnapper was not present the daughter of officer Hitchkins, Jessica, was there to receive them along with a burner phone. The individual described that she wanted to bury the hatchet and that her organization had no further ties with the “Bahari” cult and had no designs against the camarilla or its leadership even if the leaders would most likely not see it that way. After the call ended Simon asked to have Jessica released to his custody for a time until he could get her settled elsewhere, this was allowed.

Fuck the Police

After Discovering the identity of the police officer that witnessed their invasion of the cultist church the group met up and decided to accept Sophie’s offer to erase his memory of the event in exchange for ownership of a “holy book” from the cult in the evidence lockup. After retrieving the book it was discovered that one of the ghouls of Martin that were set to observe the officers house had disappeared without a trace. After some time it was revealed that the book in question contained a very complex computer code that created a virus meant to scramble and disrupt financial information. The group was told by the prince personally to keep an eye out for a strange woman that was involved with the officer and his daughter and if discovered to inform the sheriff immediately to apprehend her.

First night on the job

After finishing the paperwork and introducing themselves the coterie tried to find more information about their job that was a test for entry into Houston. Many among the group learned that the supposed independent ghouls were not in fact ghouls at all but ordinary humans, Martin also discovered that fellow Tremere Adam Wright was the author of the official report.

Later Daedalus had found a local church that was close to the epicenter of the kidnappings and Sonny had browbeaten some homeless people into giving up some information they decide that the Trinity Episcopal church was the site that was harboring the kidnappers. After swiftly infiltrating the side building of the church complex they killed 3 guards and were able to capture 2 of the members (discovered to be members of an unknown cult) and stash them in a nearby storage park. Unfortunately Zachary had panicked when many unsuspecting homeless people who had taken refuge in the church ran for the exit and killed them before they could escape as well as mesmerizing a beat cop that had been passing by, by the name of “Hitckins.”

Shortly after a brief and halfhearted interrogattion by Sonny to the head priest they were informed that the cult were servants of the “first mother” and that the vampires of the city were all traitors that would be destroyed. After calling a provided phone number both Meera and Toshio arrived and swiftly extricated the priset and lesser cultist.

Finally after returning to the Elysium to report their findings Katerina believed that they had proven themselves worthy of admission into the city and declared that she would recommend the prince accept them as official neonates of the city of Houston.


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