Welcome to your new fresh start.

You are in the newly minted Camarilla city of Houston. Whether you were here with the old guard protecting it from the rampaging zealots of the second inquisition or you are a recent immigrant after the dust settled seeking a new “life” for yourself, your here now and are welcomed with open arms, for a price. The new leadership headed by prince Richard Calhoun is looked upon with either awe or shock depending on your political leanings; whilst the Anarchs and independents now see Houston as a shining beacon of reformation from the stale and restrictive yoke of the elders, the Camarilla and Sabbat elders see it as a breeding ground for dangerously independent minded youngsters.

So far the city has survived in relative stability with a surprising lack of aggressive responses from both the excised Sabbat and the grumbling elders of the Camarilla ruling council. Many would claim this is due to Calhoun’s fiery spirit and near mythical control he has over the hearts of his citizens, others would say that there have been many deals made in back rooms to maintain the status quo. One truth however is bound to rear its ugly head, that no peace can possibly last forever, there are cracks in the bulwark showing and the sharks are circling. A final question hangs over the heads of the paranoid and is discussed in back rooms with kindred playing at Gehenna.

Whos gunna pull the trigger?

Houston by Night

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